What to Expect

As students arrive, they will begin to orient themselves with each other, the camp, the ahupua‘a (traditional Hawaiian system of land management) and the island in order to understand a sense of self, the places they came from and the place and peoples they will be engaging with for the next two weeks.

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  • Focus on United World Colleges core values and key Native Hawaiian values and wisdom including:

    • Mālama ‘Āina – reciprocal relationship that exists when we care for the land and it for us

    • Mālama Honua – similar reciprocity expanded to the totality of the whole earth

    • Kapu Aloha – maintaining a sense of Aloha (unconditional love) in all interactions and at the root of all planning

    • Lōkahi - living with an intentionality for harmony and unity

  • Engaging, hands-on, place-based activities and discussions led by:

    • Huaka‘i Hawai‘i Program Directors, Facilitators and Instructors

    • Hands-on experts at various sites 

    • Guest presenters and instructors

    • Each day’s experiences build on the knowledge gained in previous days​

  • Comfortable lodging

  • Great food

    • Most of it locally grown

    • Some of it grown right on-site

    • Some of it we will harvest and prepare

    • Periodic opportunities to explore local eating options

  • Active participation in simple
    daily sustainability activities

    • Composting

    • Recycling

    • Computation of carbon footprint

    • Carbon off-setting

  • Daily opportunities for reflection through:

    • Journaling

    • Visual and artistic expression

    • Large and small group discussions

    • Sharing in the "Hall of Trees"

  • Opportunities to play and relax

    • Ropes course

    • Interactive games

    • Ocean activities

    • Fun hands-on learning opportunities

    • Time to play, relax, get to know new friends every day

  • Field trips & activities

    • Farms, fishponds, forests

    • Renewable energy plants

    • Tourism

    • Hiking, kayaking, snorkeling

    • Ropes course

    • Interactive games

  • Paramount safety

    • Transportation vehicles are in excellent condition and inspected daily

    • Participants will be assessed for swimming abilities in the camp pool before they are allowed to swim in the ocean

    • All ocean activities are supervised by Certified Lifeguards

    • All Ropes Course activities are supervised by Certified Ropes Course leaders

    • Safety briefings are part of every activity

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