Aerial Photo of O‘ahu by Tim Peake


with the island of O‘ahu

as our laboratory...

Our courses engage the unique resources and service/learning opportunities offered by a network of island-wide community and professional partners whose missions highlight Hawai‘i’s unique cultural, historical, spiritual, and environmental gifts, challenges, and ‘aina-based solutions.

Our mobile, place-based
service-learning approach
engages participants’ senses and heightens their awareness as they experience partner sites and engage with community in local initiatives. This helps participants develop an intimate understanding of local and global climate change challenges and opportunities for socially just mitigation and resiliency strategies.

Collaborative Learning

Many of the learning opportunities are collaborative in design. This means that problem-solving in a group environment will be integral. Such design represents a valuable opportunity for students to not only integrate their voices and skills into each opportunity, but also learn from other participants and leaders.