Our Story

Pursuing just and peaceful lives in harmony with nature is the essence of our soul’s vocabulary. Our profound awareness that the solutions we seek are already within us is the foundation of our desire to engage with and support others, to manifest our highest ideals.


As social and environmental challenges increase we have been privileged to engage with bright, creative, well-informed and similarly committed leaders and educators in Hawai‘i and around the world.


We believe the most innovative and lasting solutions emanate from many minds joining together in the environment we are striving to preserve, and rooted and grounded in ancestral wisdom, values, and service.

E komo mai (welcome)… let us journey together.  


—Kirsten & David Baumgart Turner

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Josiah Kaena Point sunset 2019-11-10-1.j

The meaning behind our name

SOL" means many things to us. It is an acronym for "Sustainable Outdoor Learning" and is the Spanish and Latin root word for sun. It also speaks to the emotional and intellectual energy or intensity that lives within each of us, especially as revealed in our life’s work.